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Walk Report - October 2013




Upperward Mountaineering Club – October 2013


Once again, for the second time, the weather gods intervened with our scheduled plans to conquer Corserine on the Rhinn of Kells. They must be trying to tell us something. Based on the consistently poor weather outlook for the Galloway area, a last minute decision was taken by the six stalwarts gathered at the Sunday morning meeting point for the October club walk, and Plan B was activated with a shorter trip to Queensberry agreed. At just below 700m in height this is one of the lowland Donalds.

Navigation on the hills is one of our illustrious leader’s strong points, however a refresher course on navigating to the start of the walk will need to be arranged. Perhaps the farmer’s wife, who kindly redirected us to the correct farm with a huge grin on her face, would be willing to travel up to Lanark and give the full club the benefit of her expertise. She looked as if she had previous experience with walkers making the same mistake in the past and it really made her day (and ours, as Billy took more than his fair share of ribbing on the day)

Once on the right track the walk itself was most enjoyable and straightforward although the low cloud base meant that views in any direction were non-existent once above about 1000 feet . Certainly the area would be worthy of further exploration for shorter winter walks.

On the return journey, looking over to the west in the direction of Galloway, it certainly seemed that the decision to go with Plan B was the correct one, as the weather in that direction looked severe. Also on the return journey some of the party stopped off at Durisdeer Church – the family church of the Buccleuch estate – to view the Queensberry marbles. These are marble statues of the second Duke of Queensberry and his wife Mary (forebears of the Buccleuchs) erected in 1713 and very impressive they are too.




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