February - 2013

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Walk Report - February 2013



Upperward Mountaineering Club – February 2013



On the final walk of his presidential year President George led us on a fun filled adventure to the eastern end of the Lawers ridge with Meall Greigh amd Meall Garbh added to his fast rising Munro count. Although the sun shone brightly for those mere mortals who remained at sea level for the day, for the hardy band of 9 UMC members on this expedition the horizon was limited to around 100m on the tops, with only an occasional glimpse of scenery below. To brighten our day we had to resort to extra-curricular activities such as bum skiing, snow hole digging (to release stricken walkers) and playing a game of “find the summit” – all good fun.

The day promised much at ground level with plenty of blue sky around and very little of the wind forecast as we set off from the car park at the Lawers hotel heading up the Lawers burn before turning north towards Sron Mhor and then onto Meall Greigh. However once above Sron Mhor the clag set in at around 750m and that was it for the day till we descended again. Trying to look on the positive side it did give everyone an opportunity to hone their navigational skills – well some did.

Although the first munro summit was found with relative ease, the pinpointing of Meall Garbh proved more of a challenge with the lack of a cairn of meaningful proportions not helping in the conditions. After reaching what we “thought” was the summit of Meall Garbh, height and grid references taken with GPS were not conclusive. A short break in the mist cover revealed another possible summit over to the east and to be 100% sure that we had climbed the correct one, the group took the short trip over to this other summit.

The combined effects of the slower pace, due to frequent stops to check the route and battling through knee high snow, meant that our original plan to carry on to An Stuc had to be abandoned. Plan B took the group back along the outgoing track to the col between the two munros and from there back down towards the Lawers burn and back to the hotel. The good snow cover on the slopes down provided great fun in glissading (better known as bum sliding). Ivan’s day was made when one of the group (no names please) got a leg stuck in deep snow covering a bog and had to be dug out with the snow shovel – just as well you brought it Ivan!!

The next pre-walk meeting will be on Wednesday,13th March in the Woodpecker, Lanark and further details of forthcoming walks can be found on the club website at www.upperwardmc.co.uk