February - 2015

Upper Ward Mountaineering Club




Walk Report - February 2015


UMC – Febuary 2015

Ochil Hills


There was a reasonable turnout for the Ochills walk with 13 members. The start point was Castle Campbell also known as Castle Gloom. The group followed the path which runs along side The Burn of Sorrow through a deep narrow gorge. Once on the open hillside the track was followed over Bank Hill and on to King's Seat hill (638 m) and from here a steep dropwas necessary to reach a confluence of burns followed then a steep climb back up to gain Tarmangie Hill (645 m). The weather, though, cool kept improvingthroughout the day and eventually the group were bathed in sunshine as they enjoyed the views over the Forth Valley from the last top, Whitewhisp Hill. The walk debrief was held in a pleasant little restaurant/ bar in Dollar . Billy



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